September 1, 2020

October 2020 Stepping Up Awards


We're Celebrating Your Workforce a Second Time in 2020!

Times have been tough in 2020, so we feel it is time to bring a bit of positivity to our industry!

Starting in 2020, NCPFC made the decision to move the annual NCPFC Stepping-Up Awards from January to October moving forward. This means it is the second time you will be able to honor a deserving employee this year!

Our plan was to hold another in-person awards event at the Blackhawk Museum in October but unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not safe to hold a physical in-person event of this size this October. While the actual physical event in October is canceled, we still wanted to continue in the spirit of this event with the monetary reward and Carhartt jacket.

Therefore, for this year only, your winner will be mailed a monetary award in the form of a $300.00 check without an awards ceremony.  The award check will be mailed to your attention at your main office location the third week of October.

The Stepping Up Awards allows you to reward one painter with your company who goes above and beyond and exemplifies a dedication to their craft, their employer and to their co-workers; professionalism which encompasses attendance, attitude, cooperation, safety, client relations; and leadership. 

You may nominate one union employee who meets the following qualifications:

  • Has gone “above and beyond” their normal duties
  • Demonstrated exemplary leadership
  • Possesses strong work ethic, safety record, performance, and client relations

Please help us promote this event and get employees involved in this rewarding program by:

  • Including apprentices as well as journeymen when reviewing your employees.
  • Encouraging employees to recommend or nominate a candidate.
  • Reminding employees this recognition is for them and helps build a stronger painting industry.

The deadline to nominate an employee is September 30, 2020.

Questions? Contact Mary Loumeau at or by calling 510-428-9486.

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by Brooke Fishel, Director of Labor Relations