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The Northern California Painting and Finishing Contractors, Inc. (NCPFC) represents union painting and wall covering contractors. NCPFC is an extension of your business –representing your interests as management in negotiations, supporting your business operations, providing HR, safety and legal assistance, ongoing education & training, and helping to develop your employees professionally so your business can thrive.

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We are dedicated to shaping the future of the finishing industry through fostering positive growth and support of member contractors’ success.  We do this by:

  • by optimizing relations between labor and management towards the growth of the finishing industry 
  • supporting our contractors in gaining a competitive advantage through vast and diverse training and industry resources
  • leveraging the strength of the association’s community to build a stronger presence and sustainability in the finishing industry

In order to better ensure that the activities conducted by the association are aligned effectively with its vision, the Board is adopting the values reflected below:

  • Effectiveness – executing with precision in achieving results
  • Integrity – having and demonstrating values
  • Adaptable to Change – adapting readily to an ever-evolving environment
  • Trust – belief in the honesty/integrity of each other and being trustworthy
  • Empowerment – willing to give and accept responsibility and the power to act
  • Accountable – takes responsibility and ownership for actions and outcomes
  • Teamwork - we enjoy making contributions to the association and its members
Board Members

NCPFC is governed by a board of directors made up of contractor members.

Signatory Members

If you employ a DC16 workforce, you are considered a signatory member of this association and have access to a variety of resources. Active members get even more benefits, like the ability to provide feedback during labor negotiations. 


Committees are comprised of volunteer members, and are engaged in a wide range of topics, from charitable work to legislative advocacy.


With more than 20 years of combined experience in negotiations, labor relations, communications, and member advocacy, NCPFC’s full-time staff implements the vision of the NCPFC board.

Member Programs

As a member, you have access to ongoing professional development opportunities. Topics include estimating, project management, construction law, safety, workplace communications, harassment prevention, and surety bonding. We support you and your workforce with grants to obtain a range of professional certifications that set you apart from your competition. We work with national organizations so these certifications are in specifications that give you an advantage in the bidding process.

Certifications include QP1/QP2 (Quality Procedures) certifications for the contractor and Coatings Application Specialist (CAS) certifications for field employees.

Learn the ways your association supports you and your workforce in our member booklet.

Contractor 101 Videos
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Learn about the resources we provide to help you manage your business; our partnership with DC-16; and the role you are expected to play as a union-signatory contractor.

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Learn about the benefits from your NCPFC membership and how we work with the union to advocate on your behalf, offer training, and access to events and industry updates throughout the year.

2022 Annual Report

Read our 2022 Annual Report on the state of the association.

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