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Working with NCPFC

Your Association is to you what DC16 is to your union workforce.

We don’t just represent your business during labor negotiations—we also support you with your employee relations and grievances year-round.

As your representative association, we: 


  • PROVIDE ASSISTANCE to our contractors in preventing disputes or negotiating settlements of those disputes
  • REPRESENT OUR CONTRACTORS in responding to Union grievances from the first step through to arbitration
  • SUPPORT ONGOING RELATIONS and assist the members who serve on labor-management trusts and committees
  • RECRUIT AND TRAIN MEMBERS to serve on labor-management trusts and committees and on the negotiating team
  • ADVOCATE FOR OUR MEMBERSHIP and industry at the legislative level, ensuring the health and future of our industry
  • ASSIST OUR INDIVIDUAL CONTRACTORS with their relationship with District Council 16
Exceptional Conditions Permits for Unique Circumstances

If you receive a grievance or official notification from District Council 16 your FIRST step should be to contact NCPFC’s Director of Labor Relations, Brooke Fishel, so NCPFC can represent you and your interests with the union.

One item currently outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement is the ability to obtain an Exceptional Conditions Permit. This is to help address any contingencies that may arise out of ordinary circumstances which can temporarily alter conditions in the Agreement for that exceptional condition.