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Contractor 101: Introduction

Welcome to union contracting. In this video, you will learn about NCAT, NCGMA and NCPFC; the resources we provide to help you manage your business; our partnership with DC-16; and the role you are expected to play as a union-signatory contractor.

Contractor 101: NCAT Deep Dive

Learn more about the various ways you can benefit from your NCAT membership, including what it means to become an Active Member, how we work with the union to advocate on your behalf, and the training, events and industry updates we offer throughout the year to keep your business in compliance and informed.

Contractor 101: DC16 Deep Dive

As the labor side of the labor-management partnership, the local union district council, DC16, determines guidelines all union signatory contractors must adhere to. In this video, you will learn about DC16’s structure and governing body, as well as the council’s apprenticeship program which prepares union workers to meet the specialty finishing needs your projects demand.

Contractor 101: Payments to Trusts

A primer on understanding hours worked, payments on hours, and obligations to the union trust funds, this video provides specific instructions on payment processes, as well as where to turn for help with further wage and payment-related questions.